For as the lightning flashes and lights up the sky from one side to the other, so will the Son of Man be in his day. Luke 17:24
But for you who fear My name, the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings. Malachi 4:2

But far be it from me to boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ . . . Galatians 6:14
For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified. 1 Corinthians 2:2
Let the motto upon your whole ministry be - "Christ is All!" - Mather

Thursday, November 24, 2016

"That's My King!" Who's The Center Of All Thanksgiving As The God Of The Living Through His Merciful Forgiving!

As you enjoy your thanksgiving food
Don't forget the Seed and serpent feud
When Adam fell the war ensued
Because the serpent crass and crude
So bad the lying devil shrewd
God's Word to Eve and Adam skewed
Then in the world all evil brewed
From garden bliss He did exclude
All sinners with their attitude
But God sent Christ to change the mood
In this dark world Light would intrude
His whole life worthiness accrued
And at His death He's stripped and nude
And treated as unwanted lewd
He won the war – it did conclude
Death's jaws He would finally elude
By evil He won't be subdued
This the whole world He renewed
And in your sin and hatred rude
By mercy He in love pursued
So you in heaven He'd include
Through faith in Him His beauty's viewed!

That's my King!

Now He's the center of all your praise
All His good gifts are merely rays
That point us back to the Ancient of Days
He's the Sun that burns our idol haze
And sets our hearts for Him ablaze
He blesses with gifts in manifold ways
But to the Source our eyes must raise
With Him alone allegiance stays
His grace and glory all amaze!

In every delight you've ever desired
Christ is the joy you most truly admired
Every good gift from Him is inspired
For lasting deep joy He's required
With the Father and Spirit He's conspired
To ensure fullness of joy in Him is acquired!

Be thankful that He saved from hell
Now with your soul it all is well
In His house forever you'll dwell
All your sin He'll finally expel
In righteousness you'll truly excel
So from the mountain go and yell
And everyone His Gospel tell
For His great love this will compel!

That's my King! Do you know Him?!

Be thankful He's a sovereign King
Elect He chose under His wing
Totally depraved – a sinful spring
He died for them to make them clean
Irresistibly to God He'll bring
To Him alone they'll always cling
His glories praise – forever sing!

Be thankful He loves Himself the most
He'll fill you with His Holy Ghost
And with His pleasures be engrossed
He's greatest joy from coast to coast
He's the delight of heaven's host
May He be your only boast!

Be thankful Christ is the center from Genesis to Revelation
He's the Word God spoke at the beginning of creation
And this Word became flesh in the glorious incarnation
He's the fourth man in the furnace of the Shadrach conflagration
He's the greater Adam Who overcame the Devil's temptation and passed the earthly probation
He's the greater Moses Who lead His people without hesitation
Into the promised land where there'd be no tribulation
He's the greater David Who represented His congregation
In the great confrontation where He endured condemnation to save them from damnation!

That's my King!

Be thankful for His Gospel every day
We need it for the power in all we do and say
It's not just for the beginning when we start to walk Christ's way
But something to always live out in its manifold array
With our holy lives we must put it on display
It'll keep us from going astray
Help us pray, and we must always seek to give it away!

Be thankful for His lovely Bride
For her alone He bled and died
He always stands right by her side
She displays His beauty worldwide
To principalities outside
Her every need He will provide
In glorious bliss she'll forever abide!

All the thanks you could ever render
Could never repay the Christ our Defender
He came and defeated every contender
He sends to endless hell every offender
And unmasks the heart of every pretender
So bow to Him by faith and surrender
And He'll fill your heart with everlasting splendor!

That's my King! I wonder if you know Him today?!

He's the God of the living Who conquered the grave
He puts an end to death's cold wave
Through the cross and resurrection He forgave
All sinners who repent and believe He'll save!

Mercy-Heart is His beautiful name
I'm so glad He took the shame and blame
That I should claim for my every wicked frame
But He became the same and by imputation my sin became
His Father's wrath He'd finally tame
So that “Freedom!” we could forever exclaim
If “Mercy!” too we'd cry and proclaim
May His glory alone be our only aim
All for the sake of the fame of His beautiful name!

He taught me “Christ is all!” through rejection and pain
And to boast only in the cross off the coast of Bahrain
So many earthly treasures I fought to attain
He taught me to live is Christ and to die is gain
May I wholly die now, fall to earth like a grain
Then fruit I'll produce that He can sustain
All praise and honor to the Lamb Who was slain
And with Him someday we'll forever reign
Then every reason for all the pain
In His love He'll forever make plain
As we enjoy His pleasures that will never wane!

That's my King! That's my King!

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