For as the lightning flashes and lights up the sky from one side to the other, so will the Son of Man be in his day. Luke 17:24
But for you who fear My name, the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings. Malachi 4:2

But far be it from me to boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ . . . Galatians 6:14
For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified. 1 Corinthians 2:2
Let the motto upon your whole ministry be - "Christ is All!" - Mather

Sunday, April 20, 2014

It's Sunday, But His Return Is Comin'!

It's Sunday
The devil couldn't defeat Him
Sin couldn't stop Him
Death couldn't handle Him
And the grave couldn't hold Him!
And His return is comin'

It's Sunday
The tomb is empty
The grave clothes are folded
The stone has been removed
The Son has risen
His work is finished
And we all know
That His return is comin'

It's Sunday
Hope has been restored
Sin has been conquered
Death has been defeated
The strong man has been bound
Now all the nations will come to Him
Before His return is comin'

It's Sunday
Mary is crying
The disciples are trembling
But soon they'll be rejoicing
Then they'll be a preaching
And tellin' the whole world about Him
Callin' all men everywhere to repent and believe in Him
Because His return is comin'

It's Sunday
The priests are bribing
The elders are lying about what happened
The soldiers are telling stories
And the Jews are believing the lie that His body was stolen
But His return is comin'

It's Sunday
On the Emmaus road
Jesus new light has bestowed
From Moses to the prophets He has showed
It's all about Him – the Word is sowed
All allegiance to Him is fully owed
Because His return is comin'

It's Sunday
Thomas is doubting
But soon he'll be a shouting
As he touches the scars of his dear Savior
And then He'll be declaring
Jesus as his Lord and his God
And someday all will be proclaiming
Either willingly or unwillingly
That Jesus Christ is Lord!
Because His return is comin'

It's Sunday
Peter has gone fishing
Ashamed that he denied his Master
But soon he'll be restored
Oh Peter, do you love Me?
Yes, soon he'll be restored
By His loving, merciful, and patient King
Who will send Him to feed His sheep
Because His return is comin'

It's Sunday
His disciples will be commissioned
To teach others to obey all He has commanded
And all but one of them will die
To lift His name on high
But all their enemies don't know
That His return is comin'

It's Sunday, but His return is comin'
Are you ready?
He's coming back on a white war horse to make war
His name is Faithful and True and The Word of God
His eyes are like a flame of fire
A sharp sword comes out of His mouth
He will tread the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty
People will cry out for mountains and rocks to fall on them to shield them from the wrath of the Lamb
His wrath and judgment are coming
It's only Sunday, there's time for you to turn from your sins, trust in Him, and accept His terms of peace
It's only Sunday, but His return is comin'

It's Sunday
The new creation has begun
There is now no condemnation for those at peace in Him
All our sins have been forgiven
God has cast them behind His back
And He remembers them no more
As far as the east is from the west, He has removed our sins from us
He has cast them into the ocean floor
We are now to walk in the newness of holy lives
We are no longer slaves to sin, but slaves to righteousness
Because His return is comin'

It's Sunday
All things are now working for our good
Nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus
In Christ all things are ours
And though there's still a lot of pain and suffering
His return is comin'

It's Sunday
Sin is still tempting
The world is still deceiving
The flesh is still warring
The devil is still prowling
Children are still being abused and dying
Racism is still dividing
Cancer is still killing
Wombs are still barren
Marriage is still hard
Singleness is still lonely
Hopes are still deferred
Dreams are still broken
But His return is comin'

It's Sunday
People are still poor
Loved ones still die
Tragedies still undo us
Crime is still rampant
Abortion is still killing
Airplanes are still disappearing
Ferry boats are still sinking
All manner of heart-breaks are still happening
Tears are still flowing
But let me tell you something
His return is comin'

And on that great day!  On that great day of the everlasting wedding day
He will wipe away every tear from your eyes
There will be no more sin
There will be no more death
There will be no more pain
There will be no more heart-break of any kind
There will be no more loss or loneliness
There will be no more sadness but only ever increasing joy for all eternity
There will be a new heavens and a new earth where only perfect, perpetual, pure righteousness dwells
The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea
You will be eternally saved, safe, and satisfied beyond your greatest imagination
And everything sad will become untrue!

It's Sunday
It's only Sunday
But His return is a comin'!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

"That's My King!" Who's Righteous Beyond Imagination Yet Took Our Condemnation And Became The LORD's Abomination That We Might Enjoy Justification!

Those who pervert justice our God hates; When the wicked go free His wrath awaits; Innocents condemned in evil straits; Our God will help – justice creates; For Him the truth and good dictates; Since He's the Truth and Good in greats!  All wrongs He'll right with no debates; In Christ He punished all He hates; Justice to Mercy the cross translates; If you'll trust the Son Who waits; Who died and rose as God's Word states; He'll save you from all sinful weights; And grant you joy that never abates!
God wicked sinners justified; How is this right, you analyzed?  His righteous Son He glorified; And made Him sin Who's sanctified; The perfect Son was crucified; And now God's wrath is pacified; His love and mercy amplified; He's like no other classified; Nothing in Him needs modified; He's risen – it's all ratified; All our sins are nullified; Our joys in Him are multiplied; So be forever satisfied!

That's my King!  Do you know Him?!

God does what's right through imputation; Vile sins made Christ's for our salvation; Though He sinned not – crushed all temptation; Had not one lust or thought violation; God made Him sin and desecration; Took on Himself all our damnation; On that cross – our hope's foundation; He was made abomination; Suffered all our condemnation; Bled and died for every nation; He took God's wrath without sedation; Our substitute in full summation; Showed God just in demonstration; And now we praise in admiration; For He rose in confirmation; Of God's plan for vindication; Now by God's work of imputation; You're made right by declaration; If you trust in desperation; And turn from sin in reformation; God says: "You're right!" in jubilation; Christ's righteousness – your consolation; It covers like safe habitation; Now you enjoy justification; Forever praise in celebration; The King Who took your condemnation!

That's my King!  That's my King!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

"That's My King!" Who Himself Is Greatest Love And Came To Save Us From Above With The Spirit Like A Dove He Showed The World His Father's Love!

"In this is love" is what God wrote; To show this love, His Son He smote; So on His Bride with love He'd dote; Loud singing – shouts of praise devote; Sing over her with mercy-note; To highest glory He'll promote!
The love of Jesus is the best – it's better than any romance; More satisfying than any woman in the manse; Even if she puts you in a trance; He's more fulfilling than the most enticing glance or pleasurable dance, even if it's done in France without any worry about the cost or finance; This doesn't happen by chance – it's because Christ is the greatest romance; His love is an ocean without expanse; Its mercies toward you will forever advance; He'll put you in an eternal trance; Your joys in Him will grow and enhance; To do you good all your days is His loving stance; And with Him you'll forever dance in the most glorious, satisfying romance!

That's my King!  Do you know Him?!

His love is 10 million oceans vast; All human loves are drops in contrast; Only His love will finally last; To our small brains it's knowledge past; Since forever past it's been amassed; Though ours runs out fast – His will always outlast; For He showed it vast when His Son died as asked to grant us true love unsurpassed!
His great love demonstration was by propitiation for every tribe and tongue and nation; He began the new creation when He sent the incarnation down to conquer all temptation then was made abomination on that cross of condemnation where He faced all desecration and cried "I thirst!" from dehydration; Took God's wrath in isolation to show His loving fascination with His Bride the congregation; Now we love in joy elation for His love is our foundation from the Mercy-Tree causation; Since He rose to give salvation; We can love in adoration and make Him our great declaration!

That's my King!  That's my King!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

"That's My King!" Who Gave Up All He Had When He Died For Sinners Bad And Quenched His Father's Wrath To Add A Righteousness That Makes Us Glad To End All Sin And Pain That's Sad And Everlasting Pleasures Add!

Though the rich gave money in large sums; With all she has the widow comes; Her life may be among the slums; Where greatest feasts are only crumbs; But she gave more than all large sums; Our Lord takes note – in faith she comes!
It's not what we give, but what we keep; And what we sow is what we'll reap; For our great God is not so cheap; He gave His Son – His love is deep; And for lost sinners He did weep; He came to save all His lost sheep; And for them work – He'll never sleep; He gave His all, nothing He'd keep; And now eternal life we reap!
It's more blessed to give than to receive; Oh Father! Help us to believe; Great pleasures come when all we leave; Things of this world our hearts deceive; But "Christ is all!" to Him we cleave; He's greater than we can conceive; He died and rose to life achieve; And now in Him we do receive; More than all we'd ever leave; If you'll trust – in Him believe!

That's my King!  Do you know Him?!

Our God loves those who give with cheer; Those who trust and do not fear; Who sacrifice and give what's dear; So may we give and Him revere; Who gave up all that is most dear; And took our punishment severe; Took thorny crown with spit and jeer; And had His side pierced with a spear; Yelled with a cry:  "It's finished!" here; But then He rose and did appear; He conquered death and hell and fear; Now we, each Lord's Day, for Him cheer; Since He's our God Who's without peer; Who only always gave with cheer; And ever trusted without fear; Oh come to Him with faith sincere; He'll take your sins – they'll disappear; His love for you will persevere; Each day His mercy's new frontier!
In the world, there's so much need; Children starving we could feed; Unreached people's that exceed; We must take them Gospel seed; And give them beauty – Christ our creed!  So it's settled – we've agreed; Now we go forth and must proceed; To give our lives to meet the need; May we be zealous for the deed; Since Jesus died for all our greed; To set us free our Christ did bleed; And now we only can succeed; For Christ will move us on with speed; His Church will triumph – guaranteed!

That's my King!  That's my King!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

"That's My King!" Who Received The Greater Condemnation For Prideful Lusts Of All Creation That He Might Save From Every Nation A Humble Bride Who Knows Salvation!

True love will say “Beware!” and warn; So from the Christ you won't be torn; To make you His our God has sworn; And gave His Son to take your scorn; On you great love He will adorn; So you will never be forlorn; Rejoice now, no longer mourn; You have new life – you've been reborn!
Jesus passionately loves His holy bride; Therefore His anger He can't hide; When evil teachers come with pride; And with their lives about God lied; Blind leaders toward destruction guide; And try to turn away His bride; From His true, pure, and perfect side; They He will with strong judgments chide; And finally cast them all outside; Where hotter fires will not subside; But with the fires of judgment wide; Our Warrior-King came to collide; He quenched the fires right where He died; And turned God's fiery wrath aside; He conquered death and "Freedom!" cried; For all who'd turn and hate their pride; And trust the Son Who for them died; With Him they will in peace abide; He stands with loving arms out wide; To take you in and be your guide; In Him all things you can confide; All joys you need He will provide; He is your joy and love supplied; So come to Him – you must decide!

That's my King!  I wonder if you know Him today?!

May God make us true and humble and meek; Not like the scribe – a prideful freak; Let's humbly ask for clear critique; And try to turn the other cheek; Let all fake motives to us reek; And honesty be our pure technique; For Christ's the treasure that we seek;  May "Christ is all!" be what we speak; And also what we live each week; For though we are so poor and weak; Our Christ is strong – He's all unique!
Jesus had no robe to wear; They stripped Him down and pulled His hair; No lofty greetings He found there; They cursed and mocked Him with a glare; He had no seat – no stool or chair; Skin from His back the lash would tear; He loves you widows – don't despair! For Mary's life He did prepare; To John He'd say:  "She's in your care." Devoured by God's wrath He'd bear; He would not pray to get a stare; "Why has God left!" was His meek prayer; To greatest condemnation He would square; With no one else He'll never share; That means you're free – He will declare:  "No condemnation will ensnare!" For you, His Son, He did not spare; With Him there's none Who can compare!

That's my King!  That's my King!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

"That's My King!" Who Is Our God And LORD, His Teachings Cannot Be Ignored, The Great Crowds Heard Him And Adored, Believe In Him – There's Great Reward!

Jesus taught and would exclaim:  "How is the Christ the son you claim?!" He's David's Son – prophets proclaim; He's also more – He's God Who came; And conquered every Scribe word game; He healed the sick and blind and lame; Then died and bloody wore our blame; But rose alive to crush our shame; And we shall never be the same; May our God set our hearts aflame; For the glory of His name; Christ is the Lion you can't tame! Our lives are short – they're not a game; To live for Him's our greatest aim; His praise eternal we'll proclaim!
Is this Christ your all in all?  He became this all for Saul!  Who wrote the Words that "Christ is all!"  And from all nations He will call; To save great sinners big and small; And make then down before Him fall; To worship Him as LORD of all!

That's my King!  Do you know Him?!

In the Spirit David wrote God's Word; If from God you wish you heard; Take up the book and read – be stirred; If an audible you've preferred; Read out loud – He won't be slurred; For our great LORD is never blurred; All His righteousness transferred; If, by faith, you'll trust His Word; Blessings unknown shall be conferred; To turn from Him would be absurd; So trust the Son Whom we've referred; He is the King Who loves the Word!
He shut the mouths of all His foes; Over whom He'd cry His woes; On to that cross our LORD He goes; All mighty powers to depose; And every secret heart expose; He'd die to save all those He chose; And from the grave He has arose; He every evil overthrows; In us His power only grows; He's our righteous, holy clothes; Take Him as yours and don't oppose; But trust Him gladly for repose; And rest in Him Who all things knows!

That's my King!  That's my King!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

"That's My King!" Who Loved Us First Even Though We're Sinners Worst Yet For Our Sake He Died As Cursed And Now For Him Alone We Thirst!

Of faith, hope, and love – He's the greatest of all; God is love and without Him we fall; Without love there's no gain – not even one small; Though we give all away and burn standing tall; If we don't have love, we're nothing at all; So come to the Lover Who does enthrall; He saved the most wicked and loveless Saul; And He can save you if on Him you'll call; For He died and rose to reverse the fall; In Him we're accepted, and we can stand tall; For Christ our King's the great lover of all!
The Spirit of God is poured into your heart; And this alone is your life of love start; The love of God to you He'll impart; And from His side you'll never depart; Loving Him and others will become a fine art; Since His love for you is way off the chart; For He sings over you with all of His heart!
His love for you is past finding out! He died on that cross so you'd have no doubt! His everlasting love for you is devout!  He loves your whole life from the past and throughout!  And sings over you with a glorious shout!

That's my King!  Do you know Him?!

Oh God make our love abound more and more!  So all You desire won't be a big chore!  And may above all it be You we adore!  May we sing praise to You and make our throats sore!  And against all our sin fight a holy war!  For all You don't love, we've come to abhor!  This is what our King Jesus died for; And rose again so we wouldn't whore; And chase other lovers who kill with great gore; They leave us struggling in our blood on the floor; All these vile idols please make us deplore; And cause our delights in King Jesus to soar; Make "Christ is all!" be our cry we implore; Give joy in You and pleasures galore!  Satisfy us with Your love and restore; Our first love with You that we all had before; Oh God give us love that abounds more and more!
And in all our failures to love as we should; We look to the Son Who died on the wood; For He alone is the One Who is good; And then rose again – triumphant He stood; He's come to save all – even us in the hood; And help us to live just as we should!

That's my King!  That's my King!