For as the lightning flashes and lights up the sky from one side to the other, so will the Son of Man be in his day. Luke 17:24
But for you who fear My name, the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings. Malachi 4:2

But far be it from me to boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ . . . Galatians 6:14
For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified. 1 Corinthians 2:2
Let the motto upon your whole ministry be - "Christ is All!" - Mather

Saturday, October 18, 2014

"That's My King!" Who's The Son Of The Blessed No Testimony Against Him Past The Test He's The Greatest And Best Who They Beat And Oppressed Undressed And Killed With Jest To Remove Sins As Far As East Is From West Then He Rose With A Quest To Leave Us At Rest And Forever Obsessed With His Glory Possessed!

They tried my King Jesus in a kangaroo court
The leaders of Israel were a wicked sort
His Words they'd distort
Their testimony came up short
And couldn't support
What they tried to purport
Wicked lies they'd import
False accusations snort
And Pilate extort
Jesus' life they'd abort
Mock Him as sport
And His teachings deport
But His mission they could not thwart
Though He died the most gruesome death of any sort
He can't be stopped by any court
No matter their last resort
“He is risen!” is the report!
He conquered all that sins distort
He's alive and strong like the mightiest fort
He's the final and greatest court
And our everlasting escort
Who will never leave or come up short
So now we exhort:  Trust in Him as your greatest resort
Your most satisfying, loving, and holy Support!

That's my King!  Do you know Him?!

He's the great Son of Man with all dominion in hand
Our worship is His demand
His Kingdom will forever stand
Just as He promised and planned
Not like the sinking sand
Of our sin that's forever banned
It's empty and bland
But He gives joy that will forever expand
And never land
But take you by the hand
And soar forever grand
Every trial it will withstand
All because He's the great God-Man!

That's my King!

They spit on Him in vile disgrace
And beat Him on the back and face
Blinded Him and mocked debase
All we deserve, He took our place
And died for every tongue and race
Then rose to save us all by grace
So by faith all Him embrace
Your every sin He will erase
Of your evil there's no trace
And all your sadness soon replace
The bitter guilt that you retrace
"NO CONDEMNATION!" is your case
With mercy He'll forever chase
Christ is all! - the joy Place!

That's my King!  That's my King!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

"That's My King!" Who Was Stripped Down Naked Bare And Men Would Spit And Mock And Glare For Our Great Shame He'd Take And Wear Then Rise To Righteousness Declare And Give Us Clothes That End Despair With Him There's None Who Can Compare!

Disciples must leave all behind
To follow Christ as He designed
He's the greatest of mankind
To human flesh He's been assigned
He raised the dead and healed the blind
The devil strong man He would bind
But this young man was not inclined
To follow when the path's defined
With suffering and life unkind
He fled from Christ – left all behind
To get away and safety find
But Jesus stood – the soldiers bind
And lead Him off to die maligned
They beat and spit and mock combined
And treat Him like the wheat to grind
But He rose and death confined
Now death is dead to hell consigned
Jesus lives to save mankind
He left our sin and shame behind
So to Him run – salvation find
He is worthy and enshrined
As the greatest heart and mind
Leave all behind in Him you'll find all joy, all peace, all love combined!

That's my King!! Do you know Him?!

Nakedness means sin and shame
That, in Adam we became
He ate the fruit and in sin came
The world would never be the same
He fled from God for his own fame
God cut him off with sword aflame
But God would save for His great name
To cover man was His new aim
He gave a hint with skins of game
But man would need a better claim
A God-Man Savior not so tame
He lived and died and overcame
Took upon Him all our blame
His body they'd maim and try to tame
But you can't tame the greatest name
He conquered death to life reclaim
And now we'll never be the same
He covers us and takes our shame
We're clothed in righteous robes acclaim
His righteousness in Him became
Over us God does exclaim:
“My righteous children I will claim!”
We'll give all honor to His name
And when poor sinners come in shame
Deep love for them will be our aim!

That's my King!  That's my King!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

"That's My King!" Who With A Kiss Was Sore Betrayed All Friends Would Flee And Give No Aid But He Our God-Man Can't Be Swayed He Died And In The Tomb Was Laid He Did God's Will Just As He Prayed Then Rose Again Our Debts Been Paid!

To Jesus Judas was a close friend; This made his sin to deep offend; One He chose and did commend; To do miracles and preach He'd send; The money bags he did attend; And figure how to money spend; Christ's marvelous life He did attend; But Judas' life was all pretend; To wash his feet Christ did descend; How he betrayed none comprehend! To the cross our LORD he'd send; His perfect life for us expend; But rise above all death ascend; To us and all His grace extend; And give us joy to transcend; For of all pleasure He's the end!
Would you sell Jesus for anything in all creation? A food or money donation? Fornication or a sex temptation? Give Him up for all manner of drug sensation? Or a never ending beach vacation? Would you leave Him for a marriage relation or job elevation; All these sales end in condemnation, but He wants your salvation through propitiation He took your damnation and rose to highest station to be your preoccupation and be your liberation from all profanation and sin degradation!

That's my King!  Do you know Him?!

He was betrayed with a kiss so you could have bliss and His presence never miss but He'll give you this – the Christ Who is bliss!
He's the great I AM; The sacrificial Lamb; And when He said “I AM” to the floor they'd slam!
Christ's Kingdom will spread not by cutting off a head but by preaching and love and mercy instead; See everyone fled His blood He shed and was left for dead but rose to shred the enemies dread captivity captive He lead He did all He said; His people He'll wed and give us joy and pleasure ahead!
All the way from the highest throne He was left alone forsaken on His own like a stone in the ocean thrown cut and whipped to the bone with terrible groan prayer to His Father flown but His Son He'd disown He died with a moan His suffering we've never known but He did atone for all the ways we've blown the holy life He's shown so by Him we could be fully known; Totally loved and never disowned to give Him the glory on His throne!

That's my King!  That's my King!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

"That's My King!" Who In His Greatest Trial And Stress Would Pray His Father God Address Who Rules And Reigns O'er All Distress Our Loving Savior Seeks To Bless So To God's Will He Did Say Yes!

We've fallen asleep
Jesus' disciples fell asleep
Everyone has fallen asleep
But Jesus never fell asleep!

We've fallen asleep
Adam fell asleep
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob fell asleep
David fell asleep
Peter, James, and John fell asleep
But Jesus never fell asleep!

We've fallen asleep
We've fallen asleep at church
Some of you are asleep right now
We've fallen asleep because the flesh is weak
But Jesus never fell asleep!

We've fallen asleep
And therefore we've fallen into temptation and sin
We've fallen asleep into sexual immorality
We've fallen asleep into lying
We've fallen asleep into lust
We've fallen asleep into murderous anger
We've fallen asleep into pride
We've fallen asleep into selfishness
But Jesus never fell asleep!

We've fallen asleep
We've said to God:  “Not Your will but mine be done!”
We've loved our own will more than God's will
We think we know better than God
We think we have better plans for our lives than God does
We think we love ourselves more than God loves us
But Jesus never fell asleep and always said to God:  “Not My will but Yours be done!”

We've fallen asleep
We've said to God:  “Not Your will but mine be done!”
We've said:  “My will be done and not my brothers' or sisters'!”
We've said:  “My will be done and not my mother's or father's!”
We've said:  “My will be done in marriage!”
We've said:  “My will be done in my sex life!”
We've said:  “My will be done in my job and career!”
We've said:  “My will be done in my use of drugs and alcohol!”
We've said:  “My will be done in how much I attend church!”
We've said:  “My will be done in church membership!”
We've said:  “My will be done in how I use my money!”
We've said:  “My will be done in how I use my time!”
We've said:  “My will be done in how I do; what I want to do; when I want to do it; and I'll do whatever I want to do!
But oh praise God!  Jesus never fell asleep and always said to God:  “Not My will but Yours be done!”

And praise God that because Jesus never fell asleep and always said to God:  “Not My will but Yours be done!”
We've been awakened!
All who have repented of their sins and believed in Him have been awakened!
We've been awakened from the dead!
We've been awakened through His life, death, and resurrection!
We've been awakened because He took upon Himself all God's wrath and judgment for all of our sleepy sinfulness!
We've been awakened because God has forgiven us all of our sins and counted us righteous in Christ!
We've been awakened, and God's Spirit lives in us to move us and to empower us to say “Not My will but Yours be done!”
We've been awakened to turn from every sin!
We've been awakened from sexual immorality!
We've been awakened from anger!
We've been awakened from violence!
We've been awakened from our pride and selfishness!
We've been awakened from every addiction!
Because Jesus never fell asleep and always said to God:  “Not My will but Yours be done!” As the preeminent Son Whose second to none; His reign has begun; And His will shall be done!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

"That's My King!" In The Gospel Of Mark!

He's the Gospel God-Man!
He's the Messianic Savior!
He's the marvelous Gospel!
He's the mightiest of all the mighty!
He's the greater Adam!
He's the greater Israel!
He's the Preacher of preachers and the Teacher of teachers!
He's the One we must trust!
He's the One we forsake all others to have!
He's the irresistible God Who moves us to repentance!
He's the sovereign, gracious God Who attracts us like no other!
He's the One with all astonishing, amazing authority and power!
He's the Healer of the world!

That's my King!

He's the desperate, pleading, prayer warrior Who prays like no other!
He cast out demons and put the devil on the run!
He's the Clean of cleans!
There's no One like Him!
No one has ever seen anything like Him!
He forgives sins, which only God can do and will cause you to pick up your mat too!
Jesus said, “Follow Me” and oh what a glorious “Me” He is!
He's the greatest “Me” in the universe!
He's The Greatest “Me” This World Has Ever Seen!
There's no “Me” like this “Me!”
He's the “Me” of Me's and He is the “He” of He's!
He's the God “Me!”
He's the “Me” Who heals the sick, sets the captives free, gives sight to the blind, and raises the dead!

That's my “Me!” Do you know Him?!

He's the greatest “Me” that has ever crossed the horizon of this world!
He's the only “Me” Who saves!
He's the only perfect “Me” Who never sinned.
He's the “Me” Who bore the wrath of His Father on that cross for sinners!
He's the only “Me” Who conquered sin, death, and Satan and rose up from the grave!
He's the “Me” Who ever lives to care for, sustain, uphold, and intercede for His people!
If you have this “Me,” you don't need anything else because He's got it all!
He's the “Me” that makes you see, sets you free, and utterly satisfies your heart, mind, and soul with unimaginable glee!

That's my “Me!”

He's the Friend of friends of the sinner of sinners!
He's the Bridegroom of bridegrooms Who alone satisfies!
He's the Feast of feasts worthy to fast for until He returns!
He's the Lord of the Sabbath, the Lord of lords, and the LORD of all!
He heals the withered hand and gives rest like no other!
He's the Famous One of all famous ones!
He's the greater Moses!
He has the mind of all minds!
He the strongest of all the strong men!
He conquered and bound the strong man!
He came to destroy the works of the devil!
He's our all-glorious, all-sin Bearer!
He's filled with the Holy Spirit like no other!
He's our Brother like no other from a sinful but blessed mother!
He creates a new family of people from every tribe, tongue, people, and nation with His blood – which is the thickest blood of all!

That's my King!  I wonder if you know Him today?!

He's the supreme Sower, Seed, and Soil simultaneously!
He humbles hard hearts like no other!
He's the supreme, sovereign, indomitable Root of Joy Who endured the greatest tribulation and persecution!
He's the Care of cares, the Riches of riches, and the Desire of all desires!
He's the Good-Heart of good-hearts who causes the Word of God to flourish and bear fruit that will last!
He's the Secret of secrets of the Kingdom of God!
He's the Revelation of the ages that cannot be hidden!
He's the strong, powerful God Who doesn't need us or our help for anything!
He's the Mustard Seed of mustard seeds out growing all the plants of the earth!
He's the ultimate storm chaser and the ultimate storm crusher all at the same time!
He's the irresistible Lion Tamer and the universe's Reclaimer!
He dries the flow of blood with the cries of His own unquenchable flood!
He's the death killer, life giver, and man thriller!
He's the teacher, offender, and human soul mender!

That's my King!

He's worthy to follow in every matter, not to flatter, but all sin to shatter!
He's the reproducing Rabbi with all authority on high Who gives an endless supply!
He has the name that demands fame which we must die to proclaim!
He's the everlasting rest Who past the test so we could be forever blessed!
He's the Prophet, Good Shepherd, And Provider Whose strong arms of mercy can't be opened wider!
He's the great I AM HE Who passed by on the sea, makes all fears flee, and sets hearts free!
He's the Healer of all Who reversed the fall and conquers every sickness big or small!
He's the Savior Who cuts bureaucracy, humbles aristocracy, shatters hypocrisy, and rules by autocracy!
He's the Son Who perfectly honored His father and mother and upholds God's Word unlike any other!
His heart is clean, He makes the obscene pristine, and heals the defiled like you've never seen!
He put the Syrophoenician woman to the test, brought out her best, healed the possessed, and made the outcast His guest –  God's glory to forever express!
He opens ears to hear and mouths to praise and will only amaze for eternal days!
He more than satisfies all hungry cries and crushed He dies but then He'll rise to be our Everlasting Prize!

That's my King!  Do you know Him?!

He's the greatest Sign that ever came, all leaven to set aflame, and hard hearts to reclaim bringing glory to His most precious name!
He opens blind eyes and on that cross dies to triumphantly rise as our Infinite Prize!
His sacrifice more than sufficed with love and beauty He enticed and above all He's the Christ!
He crushed the serpent with passion fervent as the Suffering Servant!
He's the King of self denial Who endured the hardest trial to win God's everlasting smile!
He took all our blame so that for His great name we would have no more shame but spread His everlasting fame and never ever be the same!
His Kingdom came, all power He'd claim, and earth's kings tame for His great name!
His transfiguration revealed His glorification in a bright sensation as the beloved Son of all adoration!
He suffered many things and true salvation brings by rising King of kings now over us He sings!
He's the God Who can heal uncontrollable man and forever ban the devil's wicked plan!
He would be killed and rise to build His Church fulfilled with people thrilled!
He humbled Himself small as the servant of all and now stands tall as the greatest of all!
He received the child, was meek and mild, then died reviled, and on this Son His Father smiled!

That's my King!

He has a powerful name that all must proclaim since He took our blame and death He'd tame!
He was given no cup of water but went to the slaughter with God's wrath hotter so we can drink the living water!
He quenched the fire and cooled God's ire on that cross dire – now He's our all – our great desire!
He's the saltiest salt, died without fault, rose up out the vault to make death halt so Him we forever exalt!
He never leaves but to His bride forever cleaves and all Who trust Him He receives!
He dearly loves His cheating bride and will not cast her down aside but for her purity He died!
He was the littlest Child with greatest righteousness compiled yet for our sins He died reviled!
He's rich beyond measure but gave up His treasure to fill us with pleasure!
He does the impossibly hard through His body scarred so from His presence we won't be barred!
He died and gave up everything in order to salvation bring so we might now forever sing!
He was accused, used, bruised, and spitefully abused then rose enthused so the sting of death would be defused, Satan totally confused, and we would never be refused!
He became the slave of all and ransomed His people from the fall by giving the greatest gift of all!
He heals the poor and begging blind and shows them tender mercies kind if they will truly trust and find all joys and hopes in Him combined!

That's my King!

He knows all things, God's rule He brings, and from the crowd “Hosanna!” rings for He's the humble King of kings!
He spoke and cursed the barren tree but finally came to set us free for He's the fruit – come taste and see!
He's the Temple clean Who drove the robbers from the scene to grant us grace and peace serene!
He perfectly believed and holy righteousness achieved so full forgiveness we've received!
He cried oh Father please forgive then died and rose so you could live and now forgiveness freely give!
He owns all authority on high, false teachers' evil tongues He'd tie, then speak the truth and for us die!
He's the beloved Son Whom wicked men would kill and shun but through His death His work is done – now He's alive – second to none!
He owns all things, bold truth He brings, and Caesar bows to the King of kings!
He came from Mary's virgin womb and faced His Father's wrathful doom then resurrected from the tomb to be our everlasting Groom!
He loved us first even though we're sinners worst yet for our sake He died as cursed and now for Him alone we thirst!
He alone fulfilled the greatest commands obeying all that God demands then took His wrath with nail pierced hands and conquered death – alive He stands!

That's my King!

He's our sovereign God and LORD, His teachings cannot be ignored, the great crowds heard Him and adored, believe in Him – there's great reward!
He received the greater condemnation for prideful lusts of all creation that He might save from every nation a humble bride who knows salvation!
He gave up all He had when He died for sinners bad and quenched His Father's wrath to add a righteousness that makes us glad to end all sin and pain that's sad and everlasting pleasures add!
He's the Temple we need and so these buildings He's decreed will fall to rubbish flat indeed and all His warnings we must heed!
He warns of coming judgment doom so we'll be ready for the gloom and stand with Him our perfect Groom for all our foes He will consume!
The end will come, Christ will return then raise the dead to fruit discern the wicked will forever burn the righteous joys He did earn and they for Him will always yearn!
He is LORD and Judge of all Who said destruction would befall and yet He'll save all those Who call so that they all will never fall!
His name to all shall be proclaimed and we must never be ashamed since for our sins our King was blamed so now for Him we are reclaimed!
He endured to the end but was not saved and did descend to bear God's wrath and life extend to those who trust Him as their friend!

That's my King!  Do you know Him?!

He was made an abomination enduring desolation while facing our damnation then rose for our justification to save elect from every nation!
He's the only true and living Christ so by false christ's don't be enticed to save His elect He alone sufficed for by the whip He's cut and sliced then died and wrapped in grave clothes spiced but rose alive – the living Christ – oh great salvation's highly priced and now hell's fires have all been iced!
He's the highest class – His beauty none can e'er surpass His every word shall come to pass and in Him joys we'll amass!
He always stayed awake and made earth quake when He died to break and crush the snake then rose again new life to make and His people take all for love's sake so now for Him alone we ache!
He's worthy of extravagant devotion with greatest emotion for He swallowed God's fury ocean and rose to the extreme promotion!
He's the Passover Lamb, the Substitute Ram, and the great “I AM” so we can be children of Abraham!He's the greatest man ever born though by betrayal He was worn, torn, silent like a sheep shorn, treated with scorn, and pierced with thorn He rose to be salvation's Horn!

That's my King!

His body was broken throughout and His blood poured out for us He went without He's the most devout without a doubt and His work's what this supper is all about!
His blood was out poured as the covenant LORD so we're clean and restored through our Christ the Reward Who's always and only and ever adored!
He's worthy to be remembered and Him we proclaim Who took all our shame and died for our blame then rose to great fame so we're never the same but live to acclaim His glorious name!
He never fell away but always did just what He'd say then God did strike the Shepherd slay His own He won't deny but pay He died and rose to love display!
He begged His Father to take the cross away because with perfect fear He'd pray with passion every sin He'd slay and preeminently to God He'd say You're My greatest joy please stay Your will be done I will obey!
He in greatest trial and stress would pray His Father God address Who rules and reigns o'er all distress our loving Savior seeks to bless so to God's will He did say yes!

That's my King!  That's my King!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

"That's My King!" Who Begged His Father To Take The Cross Away Because With Perfect Fear He'd Pray With Passion Every Sin He'd Slay And Preeminently To God He'd Say You're My Greatest Joy Please Stay Your Will Be Done I Will Obey!

When devils roar and Christ is sad; And all His future's dark and bad; He faced His Father's wrath so mad; To Him all sins our God would add; He'd lose the pleasure of His Dad; Alone, forsaken – no more glad; But on that cross He conquered bad; And took away His Father's mad; Rose up alive in light He's clad; And now to us His goodness add; All sins forgiven we are glad; Someday all joy and no more sad!
With soul in sorrow He could die; He'd pray and sweat and loudly cry; "Oh Father let this cup pass by! For You can do all things on high! Your will be done – I will comply!" This prayer is hard – we can't deny; Was Jesus' love now spent and dry? From Him did faith and boldness fly? Is our King weak as death drew nigh? A million "No's!" we must reply! Our King is King of kings on high! He's perfect man in every eye; His prayer shows us a perfect cry; Perfect fear – from wrath He'd fly; Perfect hate – toward sin defy; Perfect joy in God nearby; The perfect Man must pray this cry! But on His God He would rely; And give His life and finally die; Then rise to ascend in the sky; And our salvation full apply!

That's my King!  Do you know Him!?

Fear not mere men who bodies kill; And leave the souls untouched and still; But fear the God Who at His will; Casts souls and bodies with great zeal; Straight into hell – justice fulfill; Jesus obeyed with perfect skill; And feared His God Whose wrath would spill; All over Him on Calvary's hill; Millions of hells would be His pill; The darkest chill and greatest ill; Would be His plight – it was God's will; When perfect Man this fear did feel; His only prayer – He must appeal; His fear is perfectly ideal; Fear only God Who souls can kill!
Christ hated sin with perfect hate; He lived the righteous, sinless state; But knew He soon would bear the weight; Of all our sinful wicked freight; As sin our God would then equate; The perfect Savior Who's the Great; This cannot be for it's innate; That more than all, sin, Christ would hate!  And so He prayed:  "Father create!  Another way – this cross negate!" But as He cried and lay prostrate; On His Father's will He'd wait!
The Father is Jesus' greatest delight; The joy they have is out of sight; So when Christ sees His terrible plight; The Father turns His back from sight; And says: "My only Son I'll smite!" He cannot take this darkest night; But for His Father's presence fight! With every fiber of His might; "Oh Father take the cross from sight!"  But so we could be saved tonight; Our Savior died and did what's right; And rose again – our sovereign Knight; To be our joy and delight!

That's my King!  That's my King! 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

"That's My King!" Who Never Ever Fell Away But Always Did Just What He'd Say Then God Did Strike The Shepherd Slay His Own He Won't Deny But Pay He Died And Rose To Love Display!

We've all fallen away
By what we think and do and say
The disciples here have led the way
They all forsook Him – went astray
But Jesus never fell away!

Oh, we've all fallen away
His disciples failed to understand
Jesus rebuked them
They had hard hearts
They didn't understand Him
They all fell away
But Jesus never fell away!

We've all fallen away
Jesus' disciples lacked faith
They argued in pride and arrogance over who would be the greatest
They failed to deny themselves, pick up their crosses, and follow Him
They all fell away
But Jesus never fell away!

We've all fallen away
Peter had to be called Satan
Peter took his eyes off Jesus and began to sink in the raging sea
Peter denied His Lord Jesus three times
Peter fell away
They all fell away
But Jesus never fell away!

We've all fallen away
We've made gods of all kinds of things and people and hopes and dreams instead of the only true God
We've taken God's name in vain
We've disregarded the right worship of God
We've all sinned and fallen short of God's glory
We've all fallen away
But Jesus never fell away!

We've all fallen away
We've dishonored and disobeyed our parents and other authorities in our lives
We've murdered in our hearts
We've committed adultery in our hearts
We've stolen time and money from our employers
We've lied
We've been discontent, grumbled and complained, and desired what we don't have
We've all fallen away
But Jesus never fell away!

We've all fallen away
But God . . . but God changed us
And now we'll never be the same!
By grace through faith in Christ
We now fall away from sin
We now fall away from hell
We now fall away from death
Because Jesus never fell away!

We've all fallen away
In Jesus we've fallen away from our love for sin
We've fallen away from our desires for what God forbids
We've fallen away from hatred
We've fallen away from lust
We've fallen away from idolatry
Because Jesus never fell away!

We've all fallen away
Because of the cross and resurrection, we've fallen away from the curse because Jesus fell into the curse
We've fallen away from God's wrath because Jesus fell into God's wrath
We've fallen away from everlasting judgment because Jesus fell into everlasting judgment
We've fallen away from pain, tears, and death because Jesus fell into pain, tears, and death
We've fallen into fullness of joy and pleasures forevermore because Jesus was cast out of fullness of joy and pleasures forevermore on that cross!
Praise God that Jesus never fell away!