For as the lightning flashes and lights up the sky from one side to the other, so will the Son of Man be in his day. Luke 17:24
But for you who fear My name, the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings. Malachi 4:2

But far be it from me to boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ . . . Galatians 6:14
For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified. 1 Corinthians 2:2
Let the motto upon your whole ministry be - "Christ is All!" - Mather

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's Friday But Sunday's Comin'! (Spanish)

Es Viernes
Pero el Domingo se acerca!
By S.M. Lockridge

Es Viernes
Jesus está orando
Pedro esta durmiendo, Judas esta traicionándole
Pero el Domingo se acerca!

Es Viernes
Pilatos esta en aprietos
El consejo esta conspirando
La multitud esta difamando
Ellos ni siquiera saben que el Domingo se acerca!

Es Viernes santo
Los discípulos estan corriendo como ovejas sin pastor
María está llorando
Pedro esta negándo
Pero ellos no saben que el Domingo se acerca!

Es Viernes
Los Romanos golpean a mi Jesús
Lo visten de escarlata
Lo coronan de espinos
Pero ellos no saben que el Domingo se acerca!

Es Viernes santo
Mira a Jesús caminando hacia el Calvario
Su sangre chorrea
Su cuerpo tambalea
Y Su Espíritu cargado
Pero ya ves, solo es Viernes
El Domingo se acerca!

Es Viernes
El mundo está ganando
Las personas estan pecando
Y el diablo esta sonriente

Es Viernes
Los soldados clavan las manos de mi Salvador en la cruz
Ellos clavan los pies de mi Salvador en la cruz
Y luego lo levantan a la par de criminales
Es Viernes
Pero déjame decirte algo: el Domingo se acerca!

Es Viernes
Los discípulos estan cuestionando
Qué le ha sucedido Rey
Y los Fariseos estan celebrando que sus artimanas se han conseguido
Pero ellos ni siquiera saben que solo es Viernes
El Domingo se acerca!

Es Viernes
El está colgando en la cruz
Sintiendose abandonad por Su Padre
Dejado solo y muriendo
¿Puede alguien salvarlo?

Ooooh, es Viernes
Pero el Domingo se acerca!

Es Viernes
La tierra tiembla
El cielo se oscurece
Mi Rey entrega Su espíritu

Es Viernes
La esperanza esta perdida
La muerte ha ganado
El pecado ha vencido
Y Satanás esta solo riendose

Es Viernes
Jesús esta sepultado
Un soldado hace guardia
Una roca es rodada en el lugar

Pero es Viernes
Solo Viernes
Pero el Domingo se acerca!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

"That's My King!" Who Rose Up From The Bitter Grave And Lives – New Life To Sinners Gave For Everyone He Came To Save So We Could Be His Holy Slave, Wholly Behave And Him Alone Forever Crave!

Unless Christ comes we all will die
It could be soon – for all draws nigh
And then the living may ask why
When all we see around us cry
Our Jesus wept – His eyes weren't dry
And so let's to His mercy fly
Who's bruised and whipped and cursed He'd die
But conquer death and sin deny
All death – the enemy – defy
He is the Resurrection high
He'll be your every joy supply
But now it is OK to cry
He'll comfort you in the goodbye
All grace and mercy He'll apply
Believe His Word – on Him rely!

That's my King!

On the first day of that joy-pierced week
When everything around looked bleak
From groans and weeping they were weak
To find His corpse they came to seek
And hide with spice death's smelly reek
But oh what they would find unique
The risen Christ in full mystique
His resurrection is the peak
Of all His saving work complete
Of this salvation we must speak
And tell all sinners poor and weak
To turn from sin and future bleak
Where hell-fire burns with no retreat
He quenched these flames with bloodied shriek
And conquered death to end its streak
To save all nations Jew and Greek
From Syria to Mozambique
So come to Him and Treasure seek
Of all true pleasure He's the peak!

That's my King! Do you know Him?!

The Resurrection changes everything
The bitter punch of death does swing
And to our knees in grief will bring
Sin is crushing death's deep sting
But He's the mighty risen King
Who killed all death and took its sting
And He'll forever make you sing
His beauty surpasses everything
His praises will forever ring
Up from the tomb our King did spring
By faith to Him forever cling!

That's my King!

Of this great Christ we must go and tell
So those around won't go to hell
Instead with Christ in glory dwell
Where joys increase, and all is well
To fears of speaking let's dispel
And to our silence say farewell
From the mountains let us yell
"Christ is risen!" does compel
Speak the truth in love propel
And by your actions don't repel
So some must come out of their shell
Our Christ is worthy we must tell
He suffered all the pains of hell
And rose alive to joys swell
Sends missionaries from Cornell
Oh praise His name He does excel
In every beauty we could tell!

That's my King! That's my King!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

"That's My King!" Who Was Buried In A Rich Man's Tomb He Took His Father's Wrathful Doom It Seemed That Life Would Not Resume And All Men's Hearts Were Filled With Gloom But He Would Rise – All Power Assume!

Jesus was buried
Joseph of Arimathea was looking for the Kingdom
Pilate was surprised the King was already dead
Mary saw where her King was laid
But His Resurrection is comin'!

Jesus was buried
The Messiah was cursed
The corpse is lifeless
Dreams were shattered
Love was lost
Hope is dead
But His Resurrection is comin'!

Jesus was buried
His disciples are shocked
Depression, sadness, fear, and despair have set in
Deep cries of anguish are heard
Tears are flowing, and they can't be stopped
The mourners cannot be consoled
But let me tell you something
His Resurrection is comin'!

Jesus was buried
The Roman centurion confirmed that He's dead
They pierced Him with a spear
His heart is not beating
He's no longer breathing
His body is called a corpse
There's no life in Him
But His Resurrection is comin'!

Jesus was buried
All Joseph's hopes and dreams were buried with Him
He'd lose his high place among the Council
He'd lose respect
He'd lose the praise and honor of men
He'd lose money
He'd lose prestige
He'd lose popularity
He'd lose profit
He'd lose his life
But he took courage
Because Jesus is worthy
And he left everything to follow Christ
Because they don't know
That His Resurrection is comin'!

Jesus was buried
And if you believe in Him
All of you was buried with Him too
All of you died with Him too
All of you was in the grave with Him too
But that's not the end of the story
Because His Resurrection is comin'!

Jesus was buried
And Christians have been buried by faith in Him
Your sins have all been buried
Your failures have all been buried
Your mistakes have all been buried
Your abortions have all been buried
Your anger has all been buried
Your lust has all been buried
Your addictions have all been buried
Your addiction to pornography has all been buried
Your addictions to glory, girls, and gold have all been buried
Your gossip has all been buried
Your disobedience to your parents has all been buried
Your selfishness has all been buried
Your sexual immorality has all been buried
Your coveting and jealousy have all been buried
Your foolishness and poor judgment have all been buried
Your sinful thoughts, feelings, and motives have all been buried
Your failure to love God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength, and your failure to love your neighbor as yourself has all been buried
And everything else you have done to displease God – it has all been buried in that tomb!
And in Christ all those sins have been punished with the eternal fires of God's wrath so you are free from judgment and condemnation forever!
And all those sins have been buried, never to rise again!
Because His Resurrection has come!

Jesus was buried
And dear Christian your sins have been buried with Him
So put off your sins and bury them all because they've all been buried!
Bury abortion and turn away from it to life!
Bury your anger and turn away from it to love!
Bury lust and turn away from it to purity!
Bury your addictions and be addicted to Christ alone!
Bury your addiction to pornography and seek to be pure in heart that you might see God!
Bury your addictions to glory, girls, and gold and find more in Christ than all combined!
Bury your gossip and speak only what is true, only what is loving, and only what is helpful!
Bury your disobedience to your parents and obey them for the glory of God!
Bury your selfishness and live for God and others!
Bury your sexual immorality and honor God with your bodies!
Bury your coveting and jealousy and weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice!
Bury your sinful thoughts, feelings, and motives and think thoughts that are holy, good, true, loving, and pleasing to God!
Bury your lack of love for God and for others because they have already been buried in Christ!
And you've been raised with Him to walk in newness of life forevermore!
Because His Resurrection has come and yours will come soon and very soon!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

"That's My King!" Who Saves And Sets The Women Free For To His Reign They Bow The Knee And From His Side They Did Not Flee But His Redemption Came To See!

Woman is the most beautiful in all God's creation
She's the glory of man who brings great elation
Her main beauty's not seen in her hair or outward presentation
Even though that takes your breath away and causes infatuation
Her beauty's most seen in a heart fixation
On the glorious King of our great salvation
He's her preoccupation, infatuation, and holy fascination
Who causes intoxication more than anything else in all of creation
Like the women in our text who viewed His propitiation
And stayed around the confrontation
When most of the twelve hid in hibernation
They looked on Jesus with great admiration
They followed Him to the end without reservation
They ministered to His needs in His life occupation
Encouraged His work for the whole duration
They're last at the cross and first at the resurrection jubilation
Where He rose from the dead to bring reformation and justification so there's no condemnation
Now His love causes intoxication
While He fashions us for total beautification
As we delight in Him – our sure foundation!

That's My King!  I wonder if you know Him today?!

To Jesus alone the women would look
As the ground beneath them shimmied and shook
For all their sins He died and took
To follow Him all things they forsook
They'd trust in Him and obey His Book
And to Christ Who is all they always look!

He said follow Me; And I hope you'll see
He'll set you free
Who died on the tree
To free you from your selfish me
To bow the knee
With joyous glee
To the great One in Three
These women didn't flee
Because He's the greatest Me
And to all satisfaction He is the Key
Who helps you to be all He wants you to be!

That's my King!

To Jesus they ministered with all their heart
They're with Him first even right from the start
And from His side they'd never depart
Because it's King Jesus Who's captured their heart!

Jesus' love for women is deep and clear
His care for them is without peer
He treats them with honor as those who are dear
And soon yet again He'll bring them near
From following Him they'll never veer
At the tomb to one He will appear
And Christ they'll worship and revere
As the God-Man Who died sincere
Then rose alive to make them cheer
He sets them free from every fear!

That's my King!  That's my King!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

"That's My King!" Who Was Utterly Forsaken In Darkest Cries His Heart Was Shaken The Curtain Rent Was Overtaken He's God's Son There's No Mistakin' From The Grave He Would Awaken So That We Won't Be Forsaken!

Darkness covered all the land
And judgment came just as God planned
For His justice would demand
A sacrifice for sin at hand
In the darkness He's been banned
From His Father's presence grand
We see how bad sin is firsthand
And God's holy heart's demand
He crushed His Son with His own hand
This love we cannot understand
It's past our knowing it's so grand
And through our lives it will expand
For He rose to death withstand
Empowered us – His Spirit fanned
To go and teach all He'd command
And make His children like the sand
As we take Him our joy grand!

That's my King!  Do you know Him?

On that cross He took our place
Was made our sin so low and base
Was mocked and spit on in the face
So we could have amazing grace
The curtain torn like flimsy lace
So to His arms we now can race
To enter in His holy space
Regardless of our sinful case
Our God in Christ will us embrace
And bless us with His shining face
Forgive our sins without a trace
With good and mercy He will chase
For all our lives He'll give more grace
Since His Son He did deface, debase, disgrace, and efface
But raised Him up – the graved He'd ace
The Son of God – He's full of grace
And saves from every tribe and race
So come by faith and Him embrace!

That's my King!  That's my King!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

"That's My King!" Who's The Perfect Image Of God Bearer And Never Made An Error Yet Satisfied God's Terror And Died As The Sin Bearer Then Rose To Be The Glory Sharer And Bring All Nations Together To Make Them One As His Righteousness Wearer – There's Truly No One Fairer!

The racism in America we've had
From the beginning has been bad
Native Americans pushed out mad
Slavery leaving families sad
Segregation to this add
What wicked hearts vile men have had
But there's a way to change this bad
To take the mad and make them glad
And to the sad great joy add
If Christ is all we hope we had
Dressed in His righteousness we're clad
Then all the bad and mad and sad
He'll take away and make us glad!

That's my King!

In God's image we've been made
The crown of all His work displayed
In every color, type, and shade
For His glory we've been made
And so we love and don't degrade
His image that we see portrayed
But we've all sinned His Word evade
And in His image sin pervade
But Jesus came to give us aid
He died and for our sins He paid
In the grave He dead was laid
But rose so death and hell were slayed
And now we're in His image made
That we'd be one just like He prayed!

That's my King!  I wonder if you know Him today?!

God made from one man every nation
Chinese, Korean, American, Jamaican, and Haitian
He made us look different in all creation
He delights in all our culture and color manifestation
We're made in His image for glorification
To spread His fame to every nation
And take dominion over all creation
"Christ is all!" is our foundation
To do away with racial segregation and frustration
And all the sin done on the plantation
Jesus died as our propitiation
Then rose for our justification
To give us salvation
And make us ONE in blood relation
The blood of Christ is our common celebration
And now we're family without segregation
With Christ as our holy fixation
As we turn from all racial degradation
And love like family without separation
Since Christ is all our preoccupation
And in us all as our life animation
We turn from every hateful temptation
And live for Him – our great contemplation!

That's my King!  That's my King!