For as the lightning flashes and lights up the sky from one side to the other, so will the Son of Man be in his day. Luke 17:24
But for you who fear My name, the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings. Malachi 4:2

But far be it from me to boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ . . . Galatians 6:14
For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified. 1 Corinthians 2:2
Let the motto upon your whole ministry be - "Christ is All!" - Mather

Saturday, May 25, 2013

"That's My King!" Who Humbled Himself Small As The Servant Of All And Now Stands Tall As The Greatest Of All!

The disciples had a discussion on the way; The pride of their hearts it did betray; From the greatness of Christ they turned away; And when He asked "What?," they would not say; For they knew in their hearts they'd gone astray; Pride and envy are man's bad way; On your soul these vipers prey; Vipers within – their venom spray; "Grant death to self!" is what we pray; For our Christ came all pride to slay; Through death He'd take this sin away; And rise in victory the third day; To save our souls from self decay; Enable us to love display; And turn from self – give all away; So trust in Him and then obey; For He was humble – showed the way; And died and rose our pride to slay; So "Christ is all!" we would display!
If you want to be first, you must be last; So embrace with joy the lowest caste; Be servant of all regardless of class; Even to those sad, alone, and harassed; Then in God's sight as the first you'll stand fast; Because our great King took the greatest last; As Suff'ring Servant His love's unsurpassed; God spared Him no wrath, though He cried and asked; Then rose up alive – forgiving your past; Now rest in His love – an ocean vast!

That's my King!  I wonder if you know Him today?!

A child is least they did believe; He said a child you must receive; In this a humble heart achieve; To all your pride you die and leave; To "Christ is all!" alone you cleave; For He was least, and He would grieve; Upon that cross God's wrath receive; And die with those who steal and thieve; Then rise your guilt to all relieve; If Him alone you would believe; He's greater than you can conceive!
Oh what a wonder – the incarnation; Where God made man His habitation; May it lead to worship and prostration; God became man in humble summation; Our Creator took upon Himself creation; To grant His people such a great salvation; As they nailed Him to the cross in utter degradation; He made their blood flow through heart circulation; He's the Servant beyond any explanation; Who humbled Himself beyond expectation; He's worthy of all our praise and adoration; For He rose the from grave – His Kingly coronation!

That's my King!  That's my King!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

"That's My King!" Who Would Be Killed And Rise To Build His Church Fulfilled With People Thrilled!

The Son of Man God would deliver; Our God so loved as gracious Giver; At Christ's death the earth would shiver; His body dead without a quiver; Death's dark veil could be no dimmer; But Christ rose our bright hope's glimmer; New life He gives – a flowing river; All because God did deliver!
Into the hands of wicked men; They killed the Christ – the greatest sin; The worst evil that's ever been; Nothing worse we've done since then; Badder than all on CNN; And at the cross we said “Amen!”  For we killed God – it was our sin; But to our evil God said "When!" And since Christ died to rise again; Therefore this poem I can pen; To praise our God Who saves from sin!

That's my King!  Do you know Him?!

The Lord of all, vile hands would kill; Yet this fulfilled His Father's will; When on that cross Christ's blood they'd spill; God meant the cross for good to heal; Through what our Lord faced on that hill; So we rejoice for this ill; Since our redemption it did seal; His Spirit life in us did fill; The Son of Man did work until; God's wrath and storm of fury zeal; Was tamed – our Christ cried:  "Peace be still!"
Three days later He would rise; To save from all our sin and lies; And end our hopeless, dreaded cries; To be our everlasting prize; The God Who's infinite in size; He alone Who is all wise; He has supplies that will surprise; He has no limit like the skies; He does His will with no mere tries; The one who trusts Him never dies; Forevermore your joy flies; To reach the height of highest highs!

That's my King!  That's my King!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Christ Is Always First!

Richard Sibbes wrote:
We must know that all things are first in Christ, and then in us. God chose Him first, and then He chose us. God singled Him out to be the Savior, the second Adam, and He calls us in Christ. 
Christ, being our surety, took our sins upon Him. We are justified, because He, by His resurrection, quit Himself from the guilt of our sins, as having paid the debt. 
Christ is the first fruits of them that rise again (1 Cor. 15:20). We rise again because He is risen. Christ first ascended; we ascend in Christ. Christ is first loved; we are loved in the Beloved. 
Christ is first blessed; we are blessed with all spiritual blessings in Jesus Christ (Ephesians 1:3). So, whatsoever is in us, we have it at the second hand. We have the Spirit in us, but He is first in Christ. 
God hath put the Spirit in Christ, as the spring, as the second Adam, as a public person, that should receive the Spirit for us all. He is first in all things; Christ must have the preeminence. 
He hath the preeminence in all, both before time, in time, and after time, in election, in whatsoever is done here in this world, and in glorification. 
All is first in Christ, and then in us.
Richard Sibbes, “A Description of Christ,” in The Complete Works of Richard Sibbes, Volume 1, ed. Alexander Balloch Grosart (Edinburgh; London; Dublin: James Nichol; James Nisbet and Co.; W. Robertson, 1862), 18.
HT: Tolle Lege

Saturday, May 4, 2013

"That's My King!" Who's The God Who Can Heal Uncontrollable Man And Forever Ban The Devil's Wicked Plan!

The entire crowd was totally amazed; When on the God-Man their eyes gazed; Where all He went He stirred them crazed; And spoke so some of them were dazed; For He said He would soon be raised; Then live to be forever praised; So stand in awe and be amazed!
A father distressed cries for his son; Who's been possessed since life's begun; The Devil's made his life undone; To save His life – they have found none; But now they've come unto God's Son; Whose face had shined just like the sun; This Christ can save the worst undone; Devils He came to crush and stun; He died and rose – His work is done; So to this Christ by faith let's run!
Help my unbelief was his cry; Though he believed doubts cloud the eye; He shows us how to pray thereby; And all our doubts and fears defy; Cast down our self-sufficient try; To Christ in weakness we must fly; He'll be our "all in all" supply; In Him your joys shall be so high; By faith the only limit's sky!

That's my King!  Do you know Him?!

The Devil aims your hopes to kill; Destroy you – your life he'd steal; With fire and water – t'was his will; To crush this son with voices shrill; And crash his bones into a hill; But there's a God Who's full of zeal; Who has a plan He will fulfill; And He won't rest at all until; This Devil mad His Son would kill; On Calvary's hill His blood He'd spill; There forsaken His voice was shrill; God crushed His Son – this was His will; But He's alive! – oh what a thrill!  So come to Him – your life He'll heal; And in your heart with joy fill!
The greatest of victories only happen through prayer; In this the disciples surely did err; For prayer is faith's highway to take you where; The power of God is always there; For on our God we cast every care; Since He's the One Who counts all our hair; In Jesus' name we end our prayer; For with Him no one can compare; His glory and beauty we must declare!
Jesus Christ is the God Who can; The only Savior of every man; He alone does the impossible plan; So be a follower – not a fan; He's the greatest before time began!

That's my King!  That's my King!