For as the lightning flashes and lights up the sky from one side to the other, so will the Son of Man be in his day. Luke 17:24
But for you who fear My name, the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings. Malachi 4:2

But far be it from me to boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ . . . Galatians 6:14
For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified. 1 Corinthians 2:2
Let the motto upon your whole ministry be - "Christ is All!" - Mather

Monday, December 31, 2012

"That's My King!" Whose Years Have No End Though In Death He'd Condescend To Show A Love You Can't Comprehend!

Hebrews 1:12:  But you are the same, and your years will have no end.

2012 has come and ends, but from eternity past His life extends; And unlike your resolution that toward failure tends; He always accomplishes everything He intends; On Him your life and hope depends; On that cross He became what offends so that sinners to God through Christ commends and all their evil He suspends, for He rose up to make Divine amends; Against all your enemies He defends and for your faith always contends as your only Friend of friends Whose love and beauty all things transcends!
He's the same yesterday, today, and forever; He fulfills with perfection every endeavor; If you believe in Him, He'll save whosoever; For on that cross His Father did sever, but He rose from the tomb to die again never; In the new year may He be your greatest treasure!
Crown Him the LORD of all your years; He owns your past and future fears; He'll take away your lonely tears, turn them into praising cheers, and make sure sadness disappears; He reigns o'er all your earthly spheres, and every sin He paid and clears; His tender, loving, attentive ears, your cries for mercy always hears; He cares much more than all your peers; We hope and pray His coming nears; When He returns our joy appears; As we crown Him the LORD of years!

That's my King!  I wonder if you know Him in this new year?!

All your times are in His gracious, sovereign hand; Each event at His perfectly timed command, even when you don't fully understand; Nothing He does is done unplanned; We know His plans for you are grand – He's told us in His Book firsthand; "All things for good!" His Word will stand; His glory through your life expand; All your enemies He'll withstand, and hold you in His loving hand!
May delight in Him be your resolution; He's worthy for us to endure persecution; He's the only true solution to all earth's sin pollution, not the constitution or other government revolution; For on that cross He embraced execution and took our sinful, godless prostitution by enduring God's wrath by substitution where He took God's angry retribution in order to make full restitution to save us from all prosecution; He rose up from death and dissolution to establish His Bride – the Church institution!
He's the center of all joy and celebration; So stay up late and praise the Incarnation; Of His worship there shall be no cessation; For He's the Lamb Who was slain to save from damnation and grant us such a great salvation, winning for Himself everlasting admiration!

That's my King!  That's my King!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

"That's My King!" Who Began The New Creation As The King Of Every Nation And Came To Grant Salvation To Our Most Evil Population!

We see the genesis of Jesus Christ in the beginning; He's the only one on this list Who didn't do any sinning; The wicked sin some of His ancestors did will leave your head spinning; This points to unfathomable mercy and grace that will only leave you grinning, for He's the God-Man Who died and rose to be forever winning!
He came to earth to make all things new; The mess Adam made He came to undo; Even in us who meet here at Chew, and all in the world who sit in the pew; No matter what happens, He'll bring you through, and work all for good – everything He'll renew; With goodness and mercy He'll pursue; One day He'll make every sadness untrue!
He's "Yahweh Saves" – the Messiah of all; This list will prove His phenomenal call; He removed God's wrath when He tasted the gall and rose up on high – the tallest of tall; Now He's King of kings with power not small; He takes a wicked Saul and makes him a Paul; If you trust in Him, you'll never fall!
He's both David and Abraham's greatest Son; Fulfilling the kingship and covenant done; In His death and resurrection New Creation's begun; His power and might are second to none; His glory and beauty shine like the sun!

That's my King!  Do you know Him?!

Jesus' family history includes an adulterer, murderer, and whore; His abundant love and mercy to richly underscore; To all types of sinners He's the saving open door; If you repent and believe, He won't ignore, but your hope and purity He'll restore; For He's the Dirty Rose Lover Who all our sins He bore, and conquered death and hell providing grace galore; To get this grace you cannot work like it's a chore; You must simply believe and then do nothing more; His Spirit will live in you to cause you to adore; Then you'll do good works for Him as you never did before; More and more all evil you'll begin to abhor, and against your own sin you'll wage an all-out holy war!
Wicked King Jechoniah is in His family line; None of his son's will be king as God's cursing sign; So Joseph's not the father in Jesus' bloodline; But he's the father for legal kingship in God's good design; And Mary's the source for the Davidic bloodline; Oh how great is the plan of the Divine; The things He assigns make His glory brightly shine, and His plans are all so gloriously fine!
Jesus has an amazing family tree; It shows God's compassion if you have eyes to see; His love and mercy are always free to all who trust and with His Gospel agree no matter their sin to the evilest degree; So come to Him by faith and make your plea; Beg Him for mercy on bended knee, and to this Mercy-Heart God may you quickly flee!

That's my King!  That's my King!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

"That's My King!" Who's The Christmas Celebration, The Incarnation, And The Holy Causation Of Our Great Salvation!

He's the incarnation; The God on earth visitation; The God-Man summation without bifurcation; Savior of every nation; The "all-of-life" foundation; Without Whom there's no salvation; Who saves from condemnation and is worthy of our most faithful dedication, infinite admiration, and eternal appreciation!
Through the virgin birth He came down to earth; He fills with mirth by granting rebirth; Of joy in Him there's not the slightest dearth, for He Himself is of infinite worth!
He's fully God and fully man according to God's perfect plan; He saves sinners from every clan; His mercy has no bounds or span; From Bhutan to Japan, Iran to Sudan, or Kazakhstan – He's the only saving Man Who doing all things good – He can!
He humbled Himself to be born in a manger; Though all around He was surrounded by danger; To the likeness of sinful flesh He's no longer a stranger, but lived and died to be the sin for righteousness exchanger; He rose up from the grave to be the only great world changer; He'll live in you to be your whole life's rearranger!
Hark the herald angels sing; Glory to the newborn King Who comes with healing in His wing; All by Himself He's the greatest thing; He's the everlasting spring who alone can make your heart ring; To you salvation He will bring, if to Him by faith alone you'll cling!
Let every heart prepare Him room; He's God come from the virgin's womb; All sin and death He will consume; He saves from wrath and judgment doom; He died on Friday – there was gloom; But Sunday rose up from the tomb; Now He's our everlasting groom; If you trust in Him, He'll make you bloom!

That's my King!  I wonder if you know Him today?!

For unto us a child is born; Of true salvation, He's the horn; He'll make His people cease to mourn; Joy to the world He will adorn; He came to save from sin and porn by being Kinged  with crown of thorn; In His body our sins were borne; On that cross He was forlorn; He took on all our sin and scorn; At His death the curtain's torn; Yet He rose up just as was sworn; so those who trust could be reborn!
Joy to the earth, the Savior reigns; He came to save from all our pains; From every sin He'll break those chains if you'll seek to die like little grains; then you'll find your fruit remains; In holiness you'll make great gains!
He came to make His blessings flow far as the curse is found below; Though your sins are red you know; He died to make them white as snow; He took upon Himself your woe, and now your clean from head to toe; Behind His back your sins He'll throw; Just trust in Him nothing you owe; In your heart good things He'll sow; Through His Spirit you'll begin to grow!
He shall save His people from their sins; That's were Matthew's Gospel starts and ends; Trust in Him and there your life begins; He's the Warrior-King Who always wins; He came to make His enemies God's friends!
Immanuel is His glorious name; He's "God with us!" we must proclaim; In the manger our weakness He became; Go tell it on the mountain without shame; May this good news set our world aflame; On that cross He took our blame, forever banished all our shame, and rose from the grave all death to tame; The world will never be the same; All sadness for joy He will reclaim for the glorious fame of His beautiful name!

That's my King!  That's my King!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

"That's My King!" Who's The Greatest Sign That Ever Came, All Leaven To Set Aflame And Hard Hearts To Reclaim Bringing Glory To His Most Precious Name!

A sign from heaven they wickedly sought; To test our LORD is all for naught; His Divine nature they never caught; The greatest sign is the Christ Who taught; He's the most brilliant sign ever wrought; Against all evil He victoriously fought to end all things making us distraught; For sinners He died and salvation brought; He rose to end every evil onslaught; He's more excellent than all you've ever thought, so trust in Him just as you ought!
He's the most excellent sign Who came down from heaven; Through His Person and Work He purifies all leaven; He showed His glory in the baskets left over – seven!
When you try to put God to the test; His reply will come back with zest; With Him they shouldn't have messed; Back against them with truth He pressed; He refused to grant their request because He Himself is the sign they suppressed; With Him they should have been impressed, but instead they would eventually arrest, have Him undressed and in His face spit and jest; Yet out of His mouth there would be no protest, and He would endure what most distressed as He died for the oppressed and was raised to give those rest who with Him alone would be obsessed!

That's my King!  Do you know Him?!

He warned of the Pharisee and Herod yeast; It's unbelief and evil like the mark of the beast; It will cause your love and joy to cease; But in Christ we have the most satisfying feast; He's our sympathetic, great High Priest, Who on that cross gruesomely deceased so that our joy in Him would forever increase; From all our sin we can be released – it's removed from us as far as west is from east; All who trust are forgiven from the greatest to the least!
The disciples seem clueless and unaware; Lack of physical bread had captured their care, though Christ just made two feasts from thin air; Their hearts are hard and in need of repair; They lack contentment in the Christ Who's there; New hearts for His own He came to prepare; For a new heart you must bow to Him in prayer; He'll save you from all sin that might ensnare; By grace alone He won't give you what's fair; For in His Son, you're righteous He will declare, and your love for evil He'll slowly tear; As a son of the King, He numbers your hair; This world has nothing that with Him can compare!
He's the promised Messiah of every nation and God's "Amen!" to all prophetic expectation; The disciples missing this is a baffling irritation; He came to let the nations be glad with joyous acclamation as they glorify Him for His perfect death of consecration and His resurrection that ended His people's condemnation to glorify His Father for purchasing such a great salvation!

That's my King!  That's my King!

Monday, December 17, 2012

"That's My King" Who Will Comfort Bring If To Him You'll Cling When The Gun Shots Ring And The Pain's An Unbearable Thing!

When tragedy falls within the school walls, our nation it appalls; But God is most angry when He recalls what happened in the halls; "Vengeance is Mine!" is what He calls in the Roman letter known as Paul's; Everyone who galls and breaks His laws will give Him cause to open up His jaws and crush all sin that against us gnaws until all evil, pain, and death withdraws; The Good News that should give us pause, since we've all broken God's laws, is that the Christ Who's without flaws was crushed by the Father's jaws and on that cross He suffered for all our broken laws as the Father's wrath on Him befalls, and then He rises to great applause for He's salvation's major cause!
It should be our aim to ease the pain of those whose grief they can't contain; We learn from Job's friends – they did abstain; For seven days their mouths restrain; They started well Job to sustain; But then their speech was all in vain; We weep with those who weep with pain, whose suffering seems to drive insane; Then words of comfort we make plain; The hope we find in our King's reign, Who on that cross Himself was slain; Freedom from suffering to finally obtain!

That's my King!  Are you weeping over the city with Him today?!

"Where is God?" asked in dismay; He's where He is on every day; He rules o'er all we do and say; Even when all seems to go astray; What the shooter meant for evil pay; God meant for good
His secret way; Oh to trust Him in the fray; To see His faithfulness display; there on that cross His Son He'd slay; This shouts "I love you!" without sway; Christ knows our suffering and decay; Tender sympathies He will convey; Believe in Him – He won't cast away but care for you  without delay!
In this loss Christ speaks to every personal situation; Saying, “Repent or you too with perish without salvation!”  He whispers in our pleasurable vacation, but shouts in our painful desperation – that we might look to Him without hesitation for He's the only satisfying expectation Who will give us fullness of joy and pleasures forevermore at the consummation; So please trust in Him, and you'll be free from condemnation, and all your tears and pain will be cast into a sea of desolation; All things sad will burn up in conflagration, and every joy and delight will be heightened with everlasting jubilation!

That's my King!  That's my King!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

"That's My King!" Who More Than Satisfies All People's Hungry Cries And Then Dies To Rise To Become Our Everlasting Prize!

Behold a great crowd with nothing to eat; They're without food as if out on the street; There's not enough wheat, sugar that's sweet, or even enough meat for all to eat; But God in their midst, Who's over all elite; This miracle once again He'll gladly repeat; Alone in Himself He's fully complete; There's not one of your needs that He cannot meet; His endless resources you'll never deplete; If you trust in Him, it's always His treat; All your enemies He'll fully defeat, and of Him you'll eat to be fully replete; He'll save you from the worst life on the street; He Himself will be your delightful meat and be to your taste buds the greatest sweet!
They desire being with Christ more than their necessary food; He's their first priority and to His teaching they're glued;  It's like being in love – all other desires you exclude, for by this one consuming passion you've been subdued; Between them and Christ they'll let no other needs intrude; To hear from their Jesus they've gone out and pursued; His power and glory by them must be viewed, for only through Him can their lives be renewed; By His love and mercy all people's will be wooed; He's the great God in the flesh we must conclude!

That's my King!  Do you know Him?!

The disciples are helpless to feed the crowd; Apart from Christ we can do nothing allowed; But by His grace we give Him praise out loud like the appearance of the glory cloud where all of Israel stood amazed and wowed; It's the all providing Christ Who died and plowed; In Him all goodness and power are endowed, and to Him every knee will eventually be bowed; He's the only One of whom we can genuinely be proud because He fed the crowed and left us wowed!
His compassions fail not, He sees your every need; He'll provide for them all at just the right speed; Your deepest longings He'll satisfy indeed; And not only this, but He'll also exceed; Your dreams are too small, they lie and mislead; His plans are best, so follow His lead; He's the Savior of the world – the woman's great Seed; On that cross He died and to save He'd bleed, but He rose up from the grave and from death He's freed; Now all His good plans must perfectly proceed, and if you believe in Him God's Word is agreed; All his perfect plans for your life will succeed just as His Father from of old decreed!
He more than satisfies every nation; He's the Good Shepherd – God's incarnation; Of true salvation He's the foundation; He saves all people's without discrimination; None of His plans encounter frustration; He'll be your all in all at the final consummation when you praise and adore Him with eternal admiration!

That's my King!  That's my King!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

"That's My King!" Who Opens Ears To Hear And Mouths To Praise And Will Only Amaze For Eternal Days!

He continued to heal when He left Tyre; He met a deaf mute whose need was dire; From doing all good He'll never retire; Over the whole world He's the reigning Sire; He came to save us from our sinful mire, so we wouldn't face God's eternal fire; His death and resurrection do inspire; Repentance and faith He will require; Then His beauty you'll forever admire!
This needy man had closed up ears; But God on earth the Christ appears to save from all his future fears and dry his saddened, lonely tears; His ears the Christ sets free and clears to the joy and praise of all his peers; He caused astonishment with cheers; Though once a deaf man now he hears; He'll praise the Christ for all his years Who rules o'er all our earthly spheres and makes sure sadness disappears; Then on that day when He appears and each knee bows and Him reveres, we'll hear His voice with perfect ears; Praise be to Him eternal cheers!
No praises from his mouth could bring; His tongue was tied like in a sling; And then he met his Savior King Who touched his tongue – He did redeem; O for a thousand tongues to sing; May praises to our God now ring; The Christ Himself is the greatest thing; So turn from sin and to Him cling; Of every good He's the eternal spring!
He astonishes you beyond measure because He Himself is the greatest treasure Who alone grants inexpressible pleasure!

That's my King!  I wonder if you know Him today?!

Like God said:  "Let there be!" and it was very good; Jesus said:  "Be Opened!" and this deaf man understood; He began the new creation as the Second Adam should; May we trust and obey Him – His true followers would!
At His trial, His mouth was closed; He couldn't hear, Pilate supposed; Like a sheep before its foes; He remained silent but still composed; The world and devil He opposed; All these powers He deposed when on that cross He was exposed; But in the grave not decomposed; He rose from there, death's mouth He closed; Now we're forever all transposed; And Paradise has been disclosed – He's the best gift we find enclosed!
He always, in love, does all things well, no matter what trial in your life befell; Whether you went to jail, your lover said farewell, cancer's in your blood cell, or it's so bad you can't even tell; He works all things for good if with Him you dwell; If you trust in Him, He suffered the pains of hell for the reason you went to jail; On that cross His Father said farewell, so you, He would never expel; In His own body He bore the cancer cell so that one day your health will forever excel; And the worst of trials that your mouth can't tell; He meant for good so don't rebel; But may His love for you compel; To give up all and go and tell; Of His great love, He's done all well!
He makes the mute man sing with glee; He fulfilled this amazing prophesy; He's God in the flesh – the One we see; The almighty, glorious One in Three; He died and rose to set us free; Repent and believe – that is His plea!

That's my King!  That's my King!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

"That's My King!" Who Put To The Test, Brought Out Her Best, Healed The Possessed, And Made The Outcast His Guest – God's Glory To Forever Express!

Jesus entered a house and wanted to stay hidden; Even from all the bedridden and those with devils stricken; This evil's in the world because Adam ate the forbidden, and because of this sin the whole world he'd sicken; But the Second Adam came on that cross to be smitten and rise from the dead just as it was written so the vilest of sinners could still be forgiven; To this woman He'd finally listen; Her faith won't let His mercy stay hidden and her humility His stern reply has overridden!
Like Job, Jesus put this woman warrior to the test; He didn't do this to make her life stressed or depressed; But in love to make her faith shine as He pressed; Jesus brought out her best while on a loving, mercy-heart quest; And by faith in His righteousness alone she'd be dressed; He graciously granted her humble request and healed her daughter from all that oppressed; If like this woman you want to be blessed; Humble yourself and don't stick out your chest; Trust  Him alone and with all that He is be impressed; He'll always grant you what's best and give you everlasting rest!
Pleading with Jesus she wouldn't relent; Her desires persisted for His consent; With His blessing alone she'd be content; Her faith wouldn't submit but bowed to the humblest extent; Her place as a dog she wouldn't resent; But answered "Yes Lord!" without dissent; She would trust Him no matter what He meant, for she believed His only good, loving intent, and her great faith would cause His heart to assent, and put an end to her horrific torment!
She didn't mind being little; Her ego's not that brittle; Her joy it didn't whittle; She followed her Savior's transmittal when His face was marred with spittle before He died for her acquittal and showed His life was all committal!

That's my King!  Do you know Him?!

Jesus can't be hidden from plain sight; He's the not little One of Whom Mark would write; He's God come to earth to make all wrongs right; Yet He became little as a man contrite, and died on that cross as the sin God would smite; Now risen He reigns as the Master of might!
What makes all the difference is the object of your trust; Your faith can be weak, but if on Jesus your hopes are thrust, you'll never walk away in disgust, but Christ will be your holy lust; In this short life He's your only MUST; Hidden with Him all your dreams are robust; They'll never turn to dust or be tarnished by rust, so put your faith in Him Who's never unjust!
He welcomes the outcasts from every nation; All peoples and races both southern and Haitian; He'll make you His guest without reservation; From all tribes and tongues He grants salvation; To join His family there's one stipulation; Repent and believe, and He'll start reformation; You'll find in Him everlasting liberation, meditation, fascination, and jubilation – can I get an amen affirmation?!
One of Christ's crumbs is better than all you could dream; It's better than the whole world and how great that might seem; He's better than her in all her beauty gleam and love steam; You see, Christ Himself is the Bread of Life Supreme; "Christ is all!" is what you most desperately need and not self-esteem, for we already esteem ourselves to the extreme; Jesus came to save us from our self-centered scheme; He died on that cross our lives to redeem and rose from the dead setting up His regime; Repent and believe to live the dream; You'll forget yourself and have Christ-esteem and enjoy Him with satisfaction you've never seen as God's glory more and more becomes your only theme!

That's my King!  That's my King!