For as the lightning flashes and lights up the sky from one side to the other, so will the Son of Man be in his day. Luke 17:24
But for you who fear My name, the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings. Malachi 4:2

But far be it from me to boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ . . . Galatians 6:14
For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified. 1 Corinthians 2:2
Let the motto upon your whole ministry be - "Christ is All!" - Mather

Saturday, November 24, 2012

"That's My King!" Whose Heart Is Clean, Makes The Obscene Pristine, And Heals The Defiled Like You've Never Seen!

Things outside you can't defile; Lust won't stop when you walk that aisle; Flee to Christ Who passed the trial; On that cross He was made the vile, though in His life was found no guile; Against Him God became hostile; He died and rose to reconcile all who trust and don't revile; Then you'll receive God's loving smile!
What's in your heart is what you really are; Not what you eat or smoking a cigar; An evil heart your character will mar; Your sin from God has taken you afar; So trust in Christ the bright morning star; He saves through His lasting cross-borne scar!
From your hearts come every evil; What you deserve from God is lethal; A finite death is not His equal; You deserve an eternal sequel; But God lay in the manger fetal; The infinite would bear the lethal; On that cross He became the feeble to quench all charges against you legal; Then raised you up to die to evil!
His purest, clean heart is what you need; Against all defiling evil He'd succeed; So whether you've been smoking weed or your heart is full of greed or your whole life's been filled with all manner of every wicked deed, your sin this Savior won't impede, for He's the evil crushing Seed Who came to bleed so that you would forevermore be freed if you'll believe His creed and to His Word take heed; He'll grant you salvation guaranteed!

That's my King!  I wonder if you know Him today?!

Your surroundings don't make you sin; Not skin, gin, your annoying boss Gwyn; your least favorite kin, or the new baby twin; “Don't push my buttons!” you cry to Glen; But the problem is your buttons within; Only through Jesus can change begin, so bow down to the King Whose mercies win!
Out of His heart flows only good; He always did all the good He should; Though He was often misunderstood; He never spoke the smallest falsehood; Against all sin He triumphantly withstood; He died upon the bloody cross-wood and rose to do what we never could!
He saves sinners from every nationality; He saves from all sexual immorality; He saves you in your criminality no matter what your illegality; He saves from all wicked rationality no matter what your personality; On that cross He endured brutality to become the Gospel's centrality, and saving the worst of sinners is His specialty; He saves you from eternal fatality; He'll change your whole mentality; Make you live under His principality; And grant you the most joyous immortality!
He heals His defiled creation and grants new hearts through regeneration; That's your only hope for liberation from fornication and the punishment of endless damnation; With a new heart He lays the foundation for a life full of praise and adoration to the God Who alone grants salvation!

That's my King!  That's my King!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"That's My King!" Who's The Center Of All Thanksgiving As The God Of The Living Through His Merciful Forgiving!

As you enjoy your thanksgiving food, don't forget the Seed and serpent feud when Adam fell the war ensued because the serpent crass and crude and as the lying devil shrewd, God's Word to Eve and Adam skewed; Then in the world all evil brewed; From garden bliss He did exclude; All sinners with their attitude; But God sent a Savior to change the mood; In this dark world Light did intrude; His whole life all worthiness accrued; And at His death He was stripped and nude and treated as the unwanted lewd; There the war was done – it did conclude; Death's jaws He would finally elude; By all evil He couldn't be subdued; This whole world would be renewed, and you, though in your sin and hatred rude; By mercy He graciously pursued so that you in heaven He might include as you trust in Him when His beauty's viewed!
Now He's the center of all your praise; All His good gifts are merely rays that point us back to the Ancient of Days; He's the Sun that burns our idol haze and sets our hearts for Him ablaze; He blesses with gifts in manifold ways, but to the Source our eyes must raise and with Him our greatest allegiance stays; His grace and glory alone amaze!
In every delight you've ever desired, Christ is the joy you truly admired; Every good thing from Him is inspired; For eternally deep joy He is required; With the Father and the Spirit He has conspired to ensure fullness of joy in Him is acquired!

That's my King!  Do you know Him?!

Be thankful that He saved from Hell; Now with your soul it all is well; In His house forevermore you'll dwell; All your sin He'll finally expel and in righteousness you'll truly excel; So from the mountain top go and yell and everyone His Gospel tell for it's His great love that must compel!
Be thankful He's a sovereign King; Elect He chose under His wing; Totally depraved a sinful spring; He died for them to make them clean; Irresistibly to God He'll bring and to Him alone they'll always cling; His glories to forever sing!
Be thankful He loves Himself the most; He'll fill you with His Holy Ghost and with His pleasures you'll be engrossed; He's the greatest joy from coast to coast; He's the delight of all of heaven's host; May He forever be your only boast!
Be thankful Christ is the center from Genesis to Revelation; He's the Word God spoke at the beginning of creation; And this Word became flesh in the glorious incarnation; He was the fourth man in the furnace of the Shadrach conflagration; He's the greater Adam Who overcame the Devil's temptation and passed the earthly probation; He's the greater Moses Who lead His people  without hesitation into the promised land where there'd be no tribulation; He's the greater David Who represented His congregation in the great confrontation where He endured condemnation to save them from damnation!
Be thankful for His Gospel every day; We need it for the power in all we do and say; It's not just for the beginning when we start to walk Christ's way; But something to always live out in its manifold array; We must always put it on display; It'll keep us from going astray, help us pray, and we must always seek to give it away!
Be thankful for His lovely Bride; For her alone He bled and died; He always stands right by her side; She displays His beauty to the whole worldwide and to principalities and powers all outside; Her every need He will provide and in glorious bliss she'll forever abide!

That's my King!

All the thanks you could ever render could never repay the Christ our Defender; He came and defeated every contender; He sends to endless Hell every offender and unmasks the heart of every pretender; So bow to Him by faith and surrender, and He'll fill your heart with everlasting splendor!
He's the God of the living Who raises up from the grave; He puts an end to death's cold wave; Through the cross and resurrection He forgave; All sinners who repent and believe He'll save!
Mercy-Heart is His beautiful name; I'm so glad He took the shame and blame that I should claim for my every wicked frame; But He became the same and by imputation my sin became; His Father's wrath He'd finally tame so that "Freedom!" we could forever exclaim if "Mercy!" too we'd cry and proclaim; May His glory alone be our only aim all for the sake of the fame of His beautiful name!
He taught me "Christ is all!" through rejection and pain and to boast only in the cross off the coast of Bahrain; So many earthly treasures I wanted to attain; He taught me to live is Christ and to die is gain; May I wholly die now, fall to earth like a grain; Then fruit I'll produce that only He can sustain; All praise and honor be to the Lamb Who was slain and with Him someday we'll forever reign; Then all the reasons for all the pain He'll forever make plain as we enjoy pleasures and delights that will never wane!

That's my King!  That's my King!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

"That's My King!" Who Perfectly Honored His Father And Mother And Upholds God's Word Unlike Any Other!

He had a fine way to always obey all His Father would say; He'd constantly pray and never stray from the right way; The Father's love He'd display on that cross we survey love's manifold array; He died and then rose on the Lord's Day; All our enemies to slay; Him we could never repay; So don't delay; Only trust and obey, and today He'll take all your sin away so you'll forever be okay!
God's commandments the Pharisees reject; Their prized traditions they erect, but obedience to God's perfect law they wrecked and formed a godless sect; God's Word they should have checked because with Christ they had a huge disconnect; They showed Him no respect; Their hypocrisy He'd detect; He came to correct, but they'd kill Him as a defect; Through this He came to save the wrecked and heal the disconnect; Therefore He didn't stay dead as you expect, but the Father His dead body would resurrect; So trust in Him, and show yourself to be His elect; He'll never neglect those He did select; He'll forever protect, and more and more His glory you'll perfectly reflect!
"Honor your father and mother" is what Moses said; But the Pharisees butchered it until it was blood red, bled, and dead; Their tradition is what they read; Jesus came, and for another way He plead to show them they're misled; He's the "come in the flesh" of what Moses said, and it was He Himself Who had to be butchered blood red, bled, and dead; Then He rose from the dead instead to give life to all who would trust the living Head!
To disobey God's law is to surely die; Without Christ you'll forever fry; Don't rebel and ask Him why; It's because His glory is infinitely high; Don't make an excuse for your lie but to the mercy of Jesus fly, and He'll save you if to Him you'll cry!

That's my King!  I wonder if you know Him today?!

May we never make God's Word void; The truth shall never be destroyed; God's Word will successfully be deployed, even though some places will be annoyed; With spreading His Word may we often be employed; Repent and believe, and in Him you'll be overjoyed!
Jesus perfectly honored His Father and obeyed His law; He's absolutely sinless without the tiniest flaw; Everyone around Him – this is what they saw; Over and over again He left them standing in awe, sometimes even with a dropped jaw; When on that cross the Father's presence He'd finally withdraw; Jesus perfectly loved and fulfilled all the law!
On that cross as He passed the test; He had a mother-loving quest; To find a home for her to rest; The disciple who leaned back on His breast took Mary in at Christ's request; See, even at His death distressed; God's wrath on Him bore down and pressed; All around He was oppressed; Yet with God's will He remained obsessed, and as a Son He loved her best; Oh with this Son we should be impressed, obsessed, and He Himself should be our quest; So don't be depressed, distressed, stressed, or repressed; But by His beauty be possessed, and He'll make you forever blessed with everlasting rest because He died and rose and passed the test!
He upheld God's Word to the very end; He always obeyed and never sinned; On His Father He did depend; Against God's law He could not offend; This Living Word I do commend; His love and mercy do transcend; Trust in Him – He'll be your greatest friend!

That's my King!  That's my King!

Monday, November 12, 2012

"That's My King!" Who's The Veteran Of Veterans Who Answered The Call And Became The Universe's All In All!

He's the only One Who perfectly served; God's law He always perfectly observed, and shed His blood for the undeserved!
He has infinite might; Won the greatest fight; Put all enemies to flight; Makes all wrongs right; and gives everlasting delight!
He's God's ultimate warrior Who never sins; He finishes everything He begins; His power and strength never thins; Against all enemies He defends and always wins; With every threat He contends and to Hell He sends; So make amends and by faith become one of His friends; To you His mercy extends and then enjoy His beauty that transcends!
When I hit the buoy, He was there with me; Each event occurs according to His decree; Our ship was tossed about in the Arabian Sea; But low and behold what did I see; A buoy in the shape of a cross – that bloody tree; May this memory from pride always set me free; May my boast be only Him to every degree; May all glory ever be to the great One in Three!
He's an army of one Who can't be beat; He's got more power than every navy fleet; He's better than all special forces elite; If you're on His side, you'll never face defeat; From the battle He'll never retreat; His supplies for the war never deplete; He'll never mistreat; With Him no one can compete; Every mission He'll perfectly complete and save His people from everlasting heat!

That's my King!  Do you know Him?!

For a few good men one may dare to die; But in this God shows His love so high; While we were still sinners, Christ died to buy; Salvation for all who would comply; So repent and believe – on Christ rely; He'll be your everlasting supply!
He gave His life on the battle field; To all temptations He'd never yield; From the grave He rose and salvation sealed and became our everlasting shield; He lived and died and rose and healed; To the world His Father He perfectly revealed; He returns with a sword of judgment to wield, so trust in Him and you won't be killed but instead be forever thrilled and with pleasures unspeakable be filled!
Every decoration He deserves and more; The Medal of Honor and all d├ęcor; He's more decorated than the whole Marine Corps; Alone on that cross He won the greatest war to save our souls and earth restore; Now Him alone we'll forever adore and find our delight eternally soar!
He won the battle against the great snake; Though His heal was bruised, the devil's head He'd break; The earth did quake, but He rose from the dead to end earth's ache, and finally cast the devil into the eternal, fiery lake; He'll make His dead people awake; And He did it all for His Father's great name sake!

That's my King!  That's my King!

Monday, November 5, 2012

"That's My King!" Who's The Only Saving President Who Can Make You A Heavenly Resident And In Perfect Righteousness Represent!

My King was born president in the humble manger; For sin and righteousness He became the great exchanger; To suffering, pain, and death He was no stranger; But He rose up from the dead to become the only true world changer; From sin, death, and Hell He'll save you from all danger; And become your whole life's almighty rearranger!
He was elected by God as Head over His people; He died for His church and it's not a cathedral or wood under a steeple, but a group of people who've miraculously walked through the eye of a needle; And even though they're often feeble, by grace they wait on the LORD and mount up with wings like an eagle!
Neither Obama nor Romney can save your soul; Only Jesus is worthy to open the scroll; Men make promises, but they all have a hole because there's just so much man can't control; But the omnipotent Christ rules over the whole, and He alone ought to be number one on your poll; You'll find in Him alone the One worthy to extol!
The poor and the rich, unborn babies and women, every race and nation – He loves them all; He loves the politician who serves city hall and the brick mason too who builds the wall; He only demands that you heed His call to repent and believe and before Him fall; Believe the Gospel, and He'll forever enthrall!
He never spends more money than He has because He owns everything; He's not left or right wing, but of the whole universe He's sovereign King; The sun, moon, and stars from His hand He did fling; trust in the Gospel now and to Him alone cling; He'll make your heart sing; From your lips His praises must ring, and to you fullness of joy and pleasures forevermore He'll bring!
His budget is balanced all the time; He owns the whole world and every dime; He died to save sinners of any crime and grant them a richness that's truly sublime; He's the executive, legislative, and judicial branch all at the same time!

That's my King!  Do you know Him?!

He executes every action that needs to be taken; He died on the cross your soul to awaken; Follow Him and you'll never be mistaken; His rule and government can never be shaken; If by faith you're His you'll never be forsaken!
He's the law itself Who's come down from above; He's God in the flesh Who's perfect love; He's gentle and tender, just like a dove!
He's also the righteous judge of all the earth; He'll condemn all people who are without new birth, so come and acknowledge His infinite worth, and He'll fill you with everlasting, unquenchable mirth!
He only speaks the truth and never lies; Just like He said He would die and then rise; And win for His people the everlasting prize; Now He never dies; In and of Himself He's infinitely wise; He'll never compromise or demise, and He has all the best allies; He never needs to improvise or revise because He has all-knowing, perfect eyes; Trust in Him, and He'll fill you with infinite supplies; He only satisfies and fills your life with delightful surprise!
He only does what's right; His record is out of sight; Against all your enemies He won the fight; He's your indestructible, shining Knight Who's also the everlasting, unchanging Light; About Him you could infinitely write; He has all power and might and can save from your hellish plight; So trust in Him on election night, and He'll usher in everlasting joy and delight!
Though Adam was our federal head, He sinned and left us all for dead; Bearing the burden – lifelong dread; Now only Hell awaits ahead; But God has spoken, and He said; "I won't leave my people dead but elect a new federal Head Who will obey and love instead!  He'll be the everlasting Bread and stand in my people's stead;  He'll take their place as the True Adam dead!"  And as to death a lamb is lead, upon that cross He died and bled; But in Him all death fled; He rose from the grave and on death tread and now salvation is widespread!

That's my King!  That's my King!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

"That's My King!" Who Cuts Bureaucracy, Humbles Aristocracy, Shatters Hypocrisy, And Rules By Autocracy!

He despises man's ungodly tradition; To God's Word they seek to make an addition; But this is wholly contrary to Christ's mission and will fuel His holy temper ignition; He has a relentless holy ambition to save the self-righteous human condition and bring godless sinners to His full submission; So don't put your hopes in any politician, physician, superstition, or lofty recognition, but trust in Jesus' death and sin remission; By faith alone receive a righteous position, and acquire a growing holy disposition that declares against all sin outright opposition because the beauty of Christ has no competition!
His disciples ate with defiled hands, but it's the heart the eye of the LORD scans to see if in it righteousness stands and holiness continues and expands just as the LORD promises and demands; God supplies grace to obey what He commands, and He'll make His sons many like the ocean sands!
Jesus came to set free – to cut down the complex; His burden is easy and shouldn't perplex; Jewish rules were more and less than God expects; Killing heart-worship was one of their effects; But if you see the glory Christ reflects and the beauty His Person and work projects; You'll beg to be His royal subjects, delighting in Him as the best of objects!
Worship that's vain is completely insane; It's like the unacceptable sacrifice of Cain that's only profane; So break this evil chain, and turn to the Lamb Who was slain but now lives with full reign as the only One Who can end your pain; Worship Him from a pure heart to pleasure regain!
Hypocrisy He came to kill; True humility to instill with unprecedented skill; He did His Father's perfect will; He died upon mount Calvary's hill, and rose up from the dead with zeal; The law and the prophets to fulfill, and open history's every seal; He Himself became our meal; And to His name all people's kneel; Through His blood all nations heal; And He gives an everlasting thrill!

That's my King!  I wonder if you know Him today?!

The Pharisees' hands had to be washed clean; Though their hearts were dirtier than a latrine; Outwardly they shine, clear, bright, and pristine, but inside they're dead and rotten gangrene; It's uglier than anything you've ever seen; Unless, of course, the Clean of cleans you've seen; Who makes even the dirtiest latrine clean, bright, and pristine; Brings to life gangrene and clears it from the scene; For sinners He'd intervene; He's the mediator and God's go-between in order to turn the ugliest into the most beautiful clean!
If your worship is fake; It's for your own sake; God's glory you take; Vile idols you make; You'll burn in the lake; Unless Christ makes you awake; Your sin forsake; Selfishness He'll break and save you from heart ache; In His glory you'll partake, and your life He'll remake; worship won't be fake, but done for His own name's sake!
God doesn't want honor merely from your lips; It's your whole life and heart He takes and grips; His delights flow down like the honeycomb drips; So come to Christ by faith and with joy He equips; From His river of pleasures you'll forever take sips where His glory will never suffer slips, trips, or eclipse!
God's holy commandments you shouldn't leave; But run to the glorious Christ and cleave; He saves if you'll only repent and believe; He died and rose, salvation to achieve; Dead, hell-bound sinners He came to retrieve; By His grace may you have new eyes to perceive; He lives for you now, your fears to relieve; He's the most precious gift you could ever receive; He's greater than all your mind could conceive!
He rules the world with almighty power; He's our refuge and strength, our strong high tower; All of our enemies He'll finally devour, though His tenderness and beauty bloom like a flower; May we be ready now, He returns any hour; Upon us great blessings He'll eternally shower!

That's my King!  That's my King!